The commercial harvest, salvage and propagation of protected whole plants: Sustainable Management plan 2013-2017

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, 2013

About the Management Plan

As the lead government environmental agency in NSW, the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) has an obligation to work with industry, other agencies and the community to protect and manage the use of whole protected native plants through licensing and other credible regulatory tools.

OEH currently issues licences under the NPW Act to persons seeking to extract and grow whole protected native plants for commercial purposes. This management plan refines and consolidates the existing licensing framework to deliver on two objectives: first that regulation is targeted toward species at risk from unsustainable harvesting and second that best practice management is applied consistently across NSW.

This plan describes the legislative framework, including:

  • how it fulfils Commonwealth requirements for a wildlife trade management plan (section 3)
  • the types of licences that can be issued for the harvest and cultivation of plants and how and where they may operate (section 4)
  • the factors governing the placement of protected whole plants into Schedule 13 of the NPW Act and how they apply to each licence type (section 5)
  • an outline of all the detailed operational matters that need to be taken into consideration by licensees (Appendices B to L).

The plan is an educational resource designed to raise awareness among industry stakeholders and the broader community of the range of issues affecting the management and conservation of protected and threatened plants used commercially.

Fundamental to this plan's success is correctly identifying any species being traded. Licensees, OEH staff and the broader industry are encouraged to seek professional assistance in identifying any plants subject to this plan.