Artificial propagation programs

In order to export Australian native plant specimens and/or CITES listed specimens overseas for commercial purposes, the specimens must come from an approved program such as an approved artificial propagation program. Export permits may then be obtained from the Department.

Approved artificial propagation programs

The artificial propagation programs that are currently approved under the EPBC Act are listed below. Conditions of approval, species covered and date of approval are specified in the individual approval notices. Generally, artificial propagation programs are renewed after five years.

Artificial propagation programs
State/territory Program name Approval period Related document(s)
From To
NSW Camira Orchids October 2013 October 2018
NSW Flora Pacific Pty Ltd August 2008 August 2013
NSW House of Phalenopsis November 2011 November 2016
NSW Ramm Botanicals November 2012 September 2017
NSW Yelgun Valley Nursery November 2011 November 2016
NT Cycad International February 2012 February 2017
NT Darwin Plant Wholesalers March 2015 March 2020
NT Ironstone Lagoon Nursery January 2010 January 2015
Qld Aloe Aloe Horticulture April 2011 April 2016
Qld Aranbeem Orchids May 2013 May 2018
Qld Eudlo Cycad Gardens August 2012 June 2017
Qld Exotica Plants May 2012 May 2017
Qld Fame Orchid Nursery August 2011 August 2016
Qld Photosynthetix Pty Ltd June 2014 June 2019
Qld Plantation 2000 (Cycad Connections) May 2012 May 2017
Qld Tropical Coast Palms September 2013 August 2018
Qld Woolf Orchid Culture May 2012 May 2017
SA Banksia Company November 2012 November 2017
SA Lyttle Orchid Clones March 2015 March 2020
SA Nesbitts Orchids 4 February 2015 31 January 2020
SA Western Orchids Laboratories September 2009 September 2014
Tas Bicheno Nursery May 2012 May 2017
Tas Greg Knowles July 2010 July 2015
Tas Tas-SANG April 2011 April 2016
Vic Allambee Flower Farm October 2010 October 2015
Vic Ausflora Pacific Pty Ltd December 2012 December 2017
Vic Australian Orchid Nursery March 2013 March 2018
Vic The Australian Wildflower Company September 2012 September 2017
Vic Beats Picking Flowers January 2015 November 2020
Vic Big Spring Mount P/L January 2013 January 2018
Vic Deep Creek Flower Farm October 2010 October 2015
Vic Ellinbank Nurseries September 2015 September 2020
Vic Farmgate Flowers July 2010 July 2015
Vic Grampian Wildflowers June 2011 June 2016
Vic Larkman Nurseries June 2012 June 2017
Vic Mildura Native Nursery September 2011 August 2016
Vic Mr Fern April 2012 April 2017
Vic Mt Beenak Orchids October 2011 October 2016
Vic Orangutan Organic Ginseng February 2010 February 2015
Vic Orchid Species Plus May 2012 May 2017
Vic Proteaflora Nursery July 2010 July 2015
Vic Triffid Park May 2012 May 2017
Vic Wallabadah Flowers Pty Limited March 2015 March 2020
Vic Winfield Rosemont January 2015 January 2020
WA Bill Gaynor August 2014 August 2019
WA Ezi-Gro Orchids May 2012 May 2017
WA Ozkee Foliage June 2009 June 2014
WA Western Australian Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority July 2010 July 2015

Application form and guidelines

Approval of an artificial propagation program

If you would like your operation to be included in the list of approved artificial propagation programs (to be assessed as suitable under national environment law), complete the form below.

Guidelines, approval processes and submission details are all included with the form.