Travelling exhibition

Importing or exporting wildlife for travelling exhibition

Australia strictly controls trade in:

Import or export of specimens may be permitted if they will be for travelling exhibitions. This enables specimens to temporarily leave or enter Australia, provided that the specimen, and any progeny born during the exhibition, will return to its place of origin. The travelling exhibition should present information with a cultural, scientific or conservation content.

Permits for travelling exhibitions

To apply for a permit, follow the link below to the online application form:

If you are unable to apply for a permit online – please contact this office to discuss an alternative method for submitting an application.

Wildlife Trade Assessment
Department of the Environment
Telephone: (02) 6274 1900

NOTE: You will need to apply for two permits for the travelling exhibition, the original permit plus a permit to re-export or re-import the specimen.

First time permits for Zoological organisations

This is not a permit application form. You may be required to complete an Application for assessment as a recognised zoological organisation for the purposes import and export of wildlife to and from Australia if you are applying to import or export wildlife to or from Australia and your organisation:

  • has not previously successfully applied to the federal environment department for permits to import or export wildlife
  • has opened in the past five years
  • is under new management
  • is an overseas institution with no history of importing wildlife from Australia.

If you are unsure whether this form applies to your situation please contact the Department of the Environment.


You can demonstrate that you and/or your organisation can satisfy the following requirements:

  • The travelling exhibition presents information with a cultural, scientific or conservation content.
  • If the specimen is a live animal, it does not belong to a CITES Appendix I species.
  • If the specimen was imported for a travelling exhibition, it and any progeny produced after the import are subsequently exported.
  • If the specimen was exported for the purposes of a travelling exhibition, it and any progeny produced after the export are subsequently imported.