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Flat Top Island Lighthouse, Mackay, QLD, Australia

Photographs None
List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (14/05/1991)
Place ID 101515
Place File No 4/04/230/0012
Nominator's Statement of Significance
The lighthouse has some historical interest in that it was originally used as a lightering anchorage where cargo was transferred from the larger sailing ships to barges for transport up the Pioneer River to Mackay.
Official Values Not Available
The lighthouse is a white round timber-framed / zincanned-cladded tower with standard lighthouse equipment comprising a lantern and beam protection apparatus. The light source is an open flame acetylene gas burner. The lighthouse is 10 metres high and is very similar to the structures on Geese Island, Archer Point, Bay Rock and Grassy Hill.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The original source of light and associated equipment were replaced when the operation of the lighthouse was converted from manned to automatic about 1920.
Flat Top Island, within Mackay Port and Harbour boundaries, 6.5km east of Mackay.
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