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University Foot Bridge, Victoria Dr, Adelaide, SA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (26/03/1985)
Place ID 14544
Place File No 3/03/001/0248
Statement of Significance
The University Footbridge, built in 1937, is significant for its association with the development of the University of Adelaide. It connects the University to North Adelaide, where its sports fields and residential colleges are located. The Footbridge was erected after nine hundred professors, students and lecturers petitioned the City of Adelaide for its construction. It is also important as a structure that was partly funded by the City of Adelaide, to commemorate South Australia's centenary. (Criterion A4) (Historic Themes: 8.9 Commemorating significant events and 6.4 Building a system of higher education).

The Footbridge is an important landmark on the River Torrens and on Victoria Drive, where it is located opposite the University's Mitchell Gates. (Criterion E1)

The Footbridge is important as the first welded steel bridge to be constructed in South Australia. (Criterion F1)
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The University of Adelaide Footbridge was constructed in 1937, and was designed by the South Australian Railways. It spans the River Torrens and connects the University of Adelaide to North Adelaide, where its sports fields and residential colleges are located. The Footbridge was the first welded bridge to be built in South Australia.
The construction of a footbridge was first proposed in 1928, but was delayed as a result of the Depression. It was again proposed in 1936, but the Adelaide City Council attempted to defer the project due to concerns about its impact on the existing environment. Approximately nine hundred students and staff from the University of Adelaide signed a petition in protest at this delay. The construction of the bridge went ahead, and was financed by the Council and by a donation from Misses E. and L. Waite.
The bridge was constructed as part of the Adelaide City Council's contribution to South Australia's centenary and was part of a program that included the landscaping and reconstruction of the River Torrens' banks, between the Adelaide and Albert Bridges.

An arched, welded steel footbridge with a concrete deck and metal balustrading. The bridge is a balanced cantilevered construction and consists of two identical halves that pivot on two pin bearings. They meet at the apex and are jointed by two lateral shear locks to prevent sideways movement. The two extremities are bolted to large concrete blocks built into the ground which act as counterweights to the mass of the bridge and its users. The internal arch span is 152 feet. The bridge is graceful in appearance and forms a major visual element on the Torrens River and on Victoria Drive, near the entrance to the University of Adelaide. It is located opposite the University's Mitchell Gates. (Indicative Place. Register Number 14444)
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Condition and Integrity
The bridge is in good condition. Wire mesh has been added to the balustrading and recessed lighting has been added to the balustrade for the length of the bridge, to improve its safety. These additions do not have an adverse impact on the bridge's integrity. (14.12.99)
Over the River Torrens, off Victoria Drive, connecting Grundy Gardens and the University of Adelaide.
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