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Pine Islet Lightstation (relocated), Harbour Rd, Mackay Harbour, QLD, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Rejected Place
Place ID 14988
Place File No 4/04/233/0007
Statement of Significance
The dismantling and partial re-erection of the Pine Islet Lighthouse to a new location has removed its significance as an in-situ extant example of a lighthouse of its type and therefore does not meet the standards as set out in the Register of the National Estate Criteria. Although the lighthouse has links to the development of navigational aids along the Queensland coast and the economic development of the region, its relocation to its present site has reduced its significance. Therefore it is not worthy of entry to the Register of the National Estate. The re-location of the Pine Islet Lighthouse has dramatically reduced the significance of the Lightstation complex, which includes the associated residences situated on Pine Islet. Therefore, the Pine Islet Lightstation is not worthy of entry to the Register of the National Estate.
Official Values Not Available
Pine Islet is an island of approximately 20ha and is located in the Percy Isles group of islands about 100km south east of Mackay. An area of 691sqm has been reserved for the lighthouse. There are three houses on the complex. The lighthouse has been removed from the site. Pine Islet Lighthouse was constructed in 1885. The tower consisted of a timber frame, with bolted connections, clad externally with rivet jointed, iron plates brought from Britain. The lighthouse was built originally with a timber balcony floor. In 1927 this floor was replaced with concrete. The lighthouse was originally provided with an oil wick burner lamp which used either whale of vegetable oil. This lamp fired a 70mm focal radius catadioptic revolving lens with four fixed panels and four flash panels. In November 1923 the oil wick burner was replaced with a mantle type 55mm incandescent kerosene vapour burner bought from Chance and Company of the United Kingdom. The new burner was driven by a clockwork mechanism that needed to be wound every two hours. The lighthouse was decommissioned on 27 August 1985 and on 2 October 1986 the task of dismantling the lighthouse was commenced by the Department of Transport and Communications. In 1989 the Department loaned the Pine Islet Tower and optical apparatus to the Pine Islet Lighthouse Preservation Society Inc, for the purpose of erecting and displaying the Lighthouse at Mackay, Queensland. Reconstruction commenced on 18 August 1989, using mainly voluntary labour.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
As at March 1993 the light tower was partially re-erected. Structure needs repainting. Parts in undercover storage need repainting. Lenses and kerosene light are in boxes under cover.

Council notes that Pine Islet Light Station is to be relocated again, to Lot 62 on Plan SP118292. (26/7/00)
Corner of Mulherin Drive and Southern Breakwater, Mackay Harbour.
Pine Islet Lighthouse,Mackay, Conservation Management Plan, 1988.

Information from file - Australian Valuation Office.

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