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Fremantle Lighthouse / North Mole, North Mole Dr, Fremantle, WA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Indicative Place
Place ID 16653
Place File No 5/12/010/0168
Nominator's Statement of Significance
This cast iron light tower, together with its southern twin, are the only remaining navigation lights of this design in this State. A welcome landmark and guiding feature to all sailors since the Mole was completed before 1900.
Official Values Not Available
The Navigation Light tower was designed by C Y O'Connor at the time when the Fremantle Harbour was improved by constructing rock moles at the mouth of the Swan River. These light houses on the moles are constructed of cast iron with Classical decorations. The light tower on the North Mole is painted red.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
Well maintained.
North Mole Drive, at the end of North Mole, Rous Head, Fremantle.

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