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BMA House, 135-137 Macquarie St, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/03/1978)
Place ID 1831
Place File No 1/12/036/0041
Statement of Significance
Best example in Sydney of transitional style of late 1920s. In good condition and mostly still in original use. One of only few reminders of the medical precinct character of Macquarie Street.

(The Commission is in the process of developing and/or upgrading official statements for places listed prior to 1991. The above data was mainly provided by the nominator and has not yet been revised by the Commission.)
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Thirteen storey 150ft, steel framed building containing medical chambers and lecture hall. Rendered in concrete except for terracotta tiled facade to Macquarie Street. Designed in Gothic Art Deco manner. Tiles express Australian flora and fauna and medical symbols. Won the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) bronze medal in 1933.
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135-137 Macquarie Street, Sydney.
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