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Rona, 51 Fairfax Rd, Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/10/1980)
Place ID 2579
Place File No 1/12/041/0093
Statement of Significance
Rona is an important element in the landscape of Sydney's harbour and the connection with the Knox family makes it an important building. Substantial Victorian Neo Gothic house romantically and prominently sited at the top of Bellevue Hill with a panoramic prospect of Sydney Harbour

(The Commission is in the process of developing and/or upgrading official statements for places listed prior to 1991. The above data was mainly provided by the nominator and has not yet been revised by the Commission.)
Official Values Not Available
House of stone with terracotta shingle roof. Upper floor reads as an attic storey. House retains original joinery and several panelled ceilings. Interior has been sensitively converted, in 1951 by architect John Mansfield, to form two large flats; original stair hall removed to form a central courtyard.
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51 Fairfax Road and 6 Ginahgulla Road, Bellevue Hill.
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