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Gregorys Tree Historical Reserve, Victoria Hwy, Timber Creek, NT, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/10/1980)
Place ID 61
Place File No 7/03/015/0003
Statement of Significance
The site was the base camp for the major exploration work of Augustus Gregory in 1855-56. This exploration had a significant influence on the further exploration and settlement of northern Australia (Criterion A.4)(Theme 3.2, Surveying the continent and assessing its potential).
Gregory was a major figure in the history of Australian exploration and he subsequently held high offices in the Queensland Government (Criterion H.1).
The place has aesthetic importance as an attractive landscape area and for the evocative qualities of the large carved boab ( Criterion E.1).
Official Values Not Available
The site is located on the bank of the Victoria River and consists of a large boab tree marked by the explorer, Augustus Gregory. Several other trees are marked with dates 1855 and 1856, and there is a survey peg and a grave.
The site was the location of a depot camp for the exploration party led by Gregory in 1855-56. From the depot Gregory explored south-westerly through the Upper Victoria River district and toward Lake Gregory (January-May 1856). In June 1856, Gregory left the depot to begin an overland journey via the Gulf of Carpentaria to Moreton Bay. In sixteen months the expedition travelled 8,000km by land.
The exploration was significant for the amount of new country described by Gregory and it was one of the most successfully run trips in the history of Australian exploration.
Gregory's favourable reports were to influence South Australian ambitions for the further exploration and eventual settlement of what became the Northern Territory.
In 1859 Gregory became Queensland's Surveyor General, and in 1882 he was nominated to the Queensland Legislative Council.
Augustus Gregory, 1855-56.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The site is in good condition though it has been threatened by erosion during flooding. Measures to control erosion of the river bank were undertaken in the late 1970s and earlier in the 1980s. (1994)
2ha, on the left bank of the Victoria River, 15km north-west of Timber Creek Police Station. AMG point: 4966-Auvergne-464785.
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