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The Mews, 1A Ashley Ave, Glen Osmond, SA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/03/1978)
Place ID 6459
Place File No 3/03/003/0011
Statement of Significance
Formerly part of the Benacre estate the building is historically significant due to its association with the early history and development of the Glen Osmond area and its association with several prominent South Australian families. Remarkable for its part Palladian design in miniature, the former Coach House has architectural importance and it contributes to the historic character of the area.
Official Values Not Available
The building is built of bluestone with sandstone quoins and detailing. A central two storey section is flanked by gabled wings (one of which was quarters and the other the coach shed). Design is Georgian with Palladian elements.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The building is in reasonable condition. It now serves as a residence and has undergone considerable internal alteration and external extension. All physical evidence of the place's original function has been removed.
1A Ashley Avenue, Glen Osmond.
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