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Mitchell and Alice Rivers National Park, Mitchell River via Kowanyama, QLD, Australia

Photographs None
List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Natural
Legal Status Registered (21/10/1980)
Place ID 9146
Place File No 4/07/281/0002
Statement of Significance
Encompasses a cross section of the woodland and grassland vegetation of the extensive alluvial plains of the lower rainfall regions of the peninsula. Aesthetic importance of river system and associated vegetation.

(The Commission is in the process of developing and/or upgrading official statements for places listed prior to 1991. The above data was mainly provided by the nominator and has not yet been revised by the Commission.)
Official Values Not Available
Extensive alluvial plains. Dominant vegetation is a low open woodland, gallery forests associated with larger streams.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
Largely natural. Area previously held under a pastoral lease and old stockyards are found within the Park.
About 37,100ha, 30km east of Kowanyama Aboriginal Community, the park boundary being defined in the north-west and south by the Mitchell River, in the north-east by the Alice River, and in the south-east by a line between the rivers passing near Kittys Yard and Whisky Waterhole.
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