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West Cape Howe Area, Shepherds Lagoon Rd, Bornholm, WA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Natural
Legal Status Registered (21/03/1978)
Place ID 9358
Place File No 5/01/071/0005
Statement of Significance
The West Cape Howe area is noted for its spectacular coastal scenery and diversity of vegetation and plant species. The vegetation ranges from karri forest, through to coastal heathland and wetlands. A number of rare plant species are recorded from the area including the CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS and AMPEREA volubilus and an unnamed species of MELALEUCA. The area also contains a number of relict spider populations of scientific interest for the study of biogeography. The scenic qualities of the area are derived from the massive granite sea cliffs and the contrast between these cliffs and gorges with the steeply undulating dunes.

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The southernmost point of Western Australia mainland is a precipitous headland with magnificent cliffs rising abruptly from the sea. There are also exposures of granite, while coastal limestone forms superficial deposits in places derived soils in the area are sands and loams. Several small streams and Lake William add further variety to the landforms and habitats. The vegetation includes forest, woodlands, swamps, heathlands and granite associations. A dense sedge scrub association occurs around Lake William. A rare species of the euphorbiaceae, (AMPEREA VOLUBILIS), is found here, as well as an as yet unnamed paperbark (MELALEUCA sp) Albany Pitcher plant (CEPHALOTUS FOLLICULARIS) grows on the swamp margins.
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Condition and Integrity
Paperbark (MELALEUCA sp) Albany Pitcher plant (CEPHALOTUS folliculariss) grows on the swamp margins. The area is now under pressure from quarrying application and off road vehicles, in the scrub heath. Tracks are proliferating and control of vehicular access is essential for dune stability.
About 3,200ha, Shepherds Lagoon Road and Hortons Road via Torbay Youngs Road, 4km south of Bornholm and 25km south-west of Albany, comprising the whole of the West Cape Howe/Torbay Head area, being Reserve 26177.
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