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Hart Residence, 41 Abbott St, New Farm, QLD, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (30/05/1995)
Place ID 10345
Place File No 4/01/001/0266
Statement of Significance
A residence which is significant as a building designed by well renowned architect R S Dods for his mother and originally adjacent to R S Dods' own house (demolished c 1970). The house displays many characteristics of his style, particularly his concern for climate, tradition, proportion and detail. These can be illustrated by the orientation and planning of the house, provision of verandahs and doors, large roof with ventilated ridge, well crafted timber construction and evidence of proportion and detail, through the substantial verandah posts and brackets (Criteria H.1 and D.2). The house, designed in the Federation Bungalow style, is significant as a residence displaying many characteristics typical of this idiom, and it is reasonably intact (Criterion D.2).
Official Values Not Available
Marks Residence is a house that was designed by the architect R S Dods for his mother Mrs C F Marks and built next to his own residence (now demolished). A steeply pitched corrugated iron ventilated roof protects the house basically on one level. The house is built of timber, except for brick fire places and chimneys. The eastern and northern elevations are protected by verandahs and on the western elevation the roof is dragged down over a laundry built at ground level, with lattice work for additional protection (the kitchen, laundry and service rooms are in a wing at the back with an open breeze way). Rooms open on to adjacent verandahs with wide french lights. The dining room has a fireplace with a marble chimney piece and a blind bay window, a device Dods used to facilitate views towards the street or the garden, but not towards the neighbouring house. Both houses were constructed in 1900 by the same builder. It was built as an investment and was retained in Dods' family (Marks) until the 1980s. The design is more modest than Dods' own house and it is built on a smaller block. In spite of some alterations, the house is reasonably intact. Changes to boundary fences and the garden at present make the house less visible from the street. Dods' own house was sold when he moved to Sydney in 1913 and in circa 1970, it was demolished and the site used for a block of flats. By 1900, Dods had designed a number of houses, including his own, and several small commercial buildings. His distinctive, aesthetic domestic work adopted many local timber techniques which he modified through an original response and common sense approach to the demands of climate. In his housing Dods provided large generous rooms which were simply planned to allow for cross ventilation. He developed systems of adjustable vertical louvres to fit on the edges of wide verandahs between the balustrades and eaves. The roof forms he adopted were large and simple, usually plain hips pitched comparatively high and often ventilated. Typically, the detailing of his domestic buildings were overscaled, bold and positive. R S Dods is generally acknowleded as one of the best architects to practice in Brisbane. He is noted for the introduction of new ideas on architectural design which were then current in the United Kingdom and which subsequently influenced Australian architecture. This house illustrates many characteristics which Dods valued in Domestic architecture. These characteristics include: a concern for climate, illustrated by the orientation and planning of the house, provision of verandahs and doors, and the large, sheltering roof with ventilated ridge; a concern for tradition, illustrated by the timber construction, well crafted from quality materials; and a concern for porportion and detail, evident in the substantial verandah posts and brackets which have been selected on visual, as well as structural, criteria.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The building is in reasonably good condition. The exterior of the building is reasonably intact, however a high timber fence detracts from the original intention of the design. The building was not inspected internally. (assessed in 1988)
41 Abbott Street through to Herbert Street, New Farm.
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