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Sandgate Town Hall, 5 Brighton Rd, Sandgate, QLD, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (30/05/1995)
Place ID 17535
Place File No 4/01/001/0324
Statement of Significance
Sandgate Town Hall is significant as an example of a civic building designed in the Federation Free Classical style of architecture. It displays a number of characteristics of the style such as the visually prominent tower, informal massing and the use of contrasting patterns of brick and render to produce a decorative effect (Criterion D.2). Sandgate Town Hall is a notable design by renowned architect Thomas Ramsay Hall, prominent in the Brisbane area from 1903 until his retirement in 1948. Hall practised in a number of prominent partnerships including Hall and Dods (1896-1916), during which time he contributed to the designs of important buildings such as the Brisbane City Hall and Our Lady of Victories Church (Criterion H.1).
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Sandgate Town Hall, built in 1911, is a red brick Federation style building with a corrugated iron roof. The building is single storey with a half basement floor. Part of the building is rendered with details around the windows and the cornice is decoratively expressed. A clock tower rises at the corner which marks the entrance to the building and the intersection of the surrounding roads. Sandgate at the time the Town Hall was built was a compact and thriving community. The building is a good example of the Federation Free style of architecture, displaying typical characteristics of the style: landmark tower, asymmetry, informal massing and fenestration and the use of two principal materials (brick and render). Thomas Ramsay Hall was one of Brisbane's more prominent architects. He worked for the Public Works Department and Hall and Dods (1903-07), before going into private practice from 1907-19. As Town Clerk of Sandgate in 1907 he began the design for the Town Hall. Later in his career Hall went into partnership with G G Prentice (1919-29) and designed such buildings as the Brisbane City Hall, Our Lady of Victories Church at Bowen Hills and Breffney. From 1929-48 he was in partnership with L B Phillips and designed additions to the McWhirter's building in Fortitude Valley.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The building is in reasonably good condition. The exterior and interior of the building are reasonably intact. (assessed in 1988)
5 Brighton Road, corner Seymour Street, Sandgate.
BUILDING, 13 FEB 1911, P35.

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