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Mardoc Building, Federal St, Narrogin, WA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (14/05/1991)
Place ID 18046
Place File No 5/06/106/0002
Statement of Significance
The Mardoc Building is a substantial two storey retail complex located on a prominent corner site. Architecturally it is eclectic in style, but features a number of Federation Anglo Dutch architectural elements. As a result of these attributes the Mardoc Building makes a critical contribution to the townscape of Mardoc and the community's sense of place (Criteria G.1 and F.1).
Official Values Not Available
The Mardoc Building is a two storey retail complex occupying a prominent corner position in the town of Narrogin. The building was designed by B H Dods, built by J H Brown for Mr Cornwall in 1908 and originally named Cornwall Buildings. It has been suggested that application for a hotel licence was a consideration at that time. The building originally comprised four shops to Federal Street, generally with two floors of living accommodation over and connected by internal stairs; a corner shop and three shops to Egerton Street; and a boarding house with access off Egerton Street and occupying the two upper floors onto Egerton Street. The shops have been used for variety of trading outlets during the life of the building, resulting in considerable change to floor materials, shopfronts, layout and connections to upper floors. The Mardoc Building is eclectic in style, borrowing from a number of sources and typical of the change of styles in vogue in the first decade of the century. A number of features are suggestive of a Federation Anglo Dutch style of architecture: the small paned upper floor windows, arched openings, high decorated gables, some with round heads, rendered walls and the insertion of the second storey into the roof space behind high pitched orange tiled roofs. The ground floor shopfronts and original interior stair and joinery details, however, are clearly Victorian in character. The original two storey timber verandahs (not extant) were colonial in character with paired timber posts and simple plain balustrading, but typically post-Victorian in the all timber construction with chaste timber decoration.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The building is structurally sound, apart from some settlement cracking of internal walls to a limited extent in the Egerton Street wing.
Federal Street, corner Egerton Street, Narrogin.

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