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Lady Lamington Nurses Home, 282 Herston Rd, Herston, QLD, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/03/1978)
Place ID 8365
Place File No 4/01/001/0041
Statement of Significance
The building is architecturally important as the first building designed in Queensland by the prominant architect Robin Dods and for its adoption of design features and climate modulation techniques previously confined to Queensland domestic architecture.
Official Values Not Available
A three storey brick building with a high pitched marseille terra cotta tiled roof. Originally L-shaped, the design by Robin Dods was the winning entry in a competition. It was the first building designed by Dods in Queensland and marks the beginning of a long and successful practice (Hall and Dods 1896-1916) in which hospital work formed a significant part. The design was revolutionary in its adoption of climate modulation features previously confined to domestic architecture, and its overall domestic quality in an institutional building. Features which accomodate the Queensland climate include: the location, set high on a ridge; the wide (9ft) verandahs; individual nurses quarters have large double hung windows which open onto the verandah; and internally, cross ventilation was achieved by forming room partitions to 8ft, 4ft short of the ceiling. The verandah is detailed in timber with arches on the main level, adding to the domestic quality of the building.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
The building is in reasonably good condition. The exterior of the building is intact, although the original L-shaped nurses home has been extended to the north. The condition of the interior is not known. (1988)
282 Herston Road, Herston, Royal Brisbane Hospital.
LUND, Neville. The Life and Work of Robin S Dods B. Arch. University of Queensland, 1954, pp37-38

Herston Hospitals Complex Conservation Plan (1994). Qld. Department of Health, Brisbane.

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