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Beresford and Oddfellows Inn (former), 188-190 Gilles St, Adelaide, SA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/11/2000)
Place ID 14445
Place File No 3/03/001/0223
Statement of Significance
The former Beresford and Oddfellows Inn, built in circa 1840, is important for its association with the early period of settlement in Adelaide and South Australia. (Criterion A4) (Historic Themes: 4.1 Planning urban-settlements; and 3.22 Lodging people)

The building is a good example of an early vernacular inn and dwelling and is important for the information it can provide on local materials, construction techniques and local building development. Features typical of vernacular architecture of the time extant in the former Inn include the shingle hipped roof (now preserved beneath the iron roof), the rendered masonry, the facade parapet and the simple form and scale of the building. A building of this age and type is rare in South Australia. (Criteria B2, C2 and D2)

The former Beresford and Oddfellows Inn is also important for its association with the landlord and owner John Martin, an early pioneer and merchant after whom a former well known Adelaide department store was named and whose activities have been significant within the history of Adelaide, South Australia, and Australia. (Criterion H1)
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The former Beresford and Oddfellows Inn is a distinctive vernacular building of the 1840s. While there have been a few changes to the building these have been necessary for it to have survived. Characteristics of vernacular architecture of the time extant in the former Inn include the shingle roof now preserved beneath the iron roof, the hipped form of the roof, the facade parapet and the scale of the building. There is also a verandah which is believed to post-date the construction of the original building. There have been other additions to the original building but their ages are not certain. Despite this, much of the exterior of the building is clearly original. The place is unusual being one of a few buildings to survive from the early period of settlement, and rarer still as both a vernacular structure and an inn. It is likely that as an inn it was more substantial than a common cottage.
In the garden to the rear of the former Inn there are at least four sheds, which are a mixture of ages and construction techniques, set admist a collection of old lemon and apple trees.
Town Acre 597 was originally granted to William Light. It was sold by his executrix, Marie Gandy, to Robert Milne who probably initiated the very early subdivision of this acre. John Martin, pioneer merchant, purchased sections of this acre and leased this property to successive licensed victuallers. The building is one of the few extant buildings noted on the Kingston map of Adelaide of 1842. The place was licensed in 1840 as an inn by John Martin. The building traded as the 'Beresford Arms' from 1840 until 1856, when its name was changed to 'Oddfellows Arms'. In 1858 it underwent renovations, including the provision of flooring. It served as an inn until 1861. The building appears not to have been heavily rated in the period between ceasing trading as an inn and being sold to a German printer in 1873. Being somewhat larger than the ordinary cottage it was presumably used as a printery. Its current use is residential.

Condition and Integrity
The house and sheds are in poor condition. They have been continuously patched and propped over the years. It seems unlikely that any basic maintenance has occurred to the exterior of the house since 1985. The roof cladding is in poor condition as is the parapet. It is capped but seriously cracked. Cracks are visible in the southern wall. The verandah timbers are in poor repair and are rotting with evidence of termite damage. The house, outbuildings and fence are in urgent need of attention. The building and its outbuildings remain relatively intact with a number of minor alterations and additions. Its essential features, scale, plan, and materials have been retained. (4 June 1999)
188-190 Gilles Street, Adelaide.
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