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Air Disaster Memorial, Avro Anson Rd, Clackline, WA, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Indicative Place
Place ID 103634
Place File No 5/07/109/0018
Nominator's Statement of Significance
Since the 1984 rededication, members of the City of Perth Branch of the Royal Australian Airforce Association (WA Division) hold an annual memorial service on the nearest weekend to the anniversary of the accident which happened on the 9 October 1942.
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The memorial is constructed of granite and boulders gathered nearby, and formed into a cairn measuring approx. 2.5 metres by 2.5 metres at the base, approx. 1.5 metres high and approx. 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres at the top. It is surmounted by a wooden cross approx. 1.4 metres high. The cross is of West Australian jarrah and was made by an Australian Army Works Unit in nearby Spencers Brook. The names of the four deceased airmen and other details are carved into the cross as follows:-
No. 406823 Flying Officer LVH Birt Age 25 Yrs
No 411295 Sergeant GL Debenham Age 25 Yrs
No 414073 Sergeant NL Dixon Age 28 Yrs
No 415255 Sergeant KC Hugo Age 21 Yrs
The completed memorial was dedicated and consecrated on 13 December 1942. Ravages of time and the effects of an earthquake at Meckering had taken their toll and in early 1984 a small band of volunteers (all of World War 2 vintage) set about the task of restoration. This work involved the rebuilding in part of the stone cairn, refurbishing and painting of the cross, the erection of a low steel post and chain fence around the memorial and the provision of a bronze plaque. The wording on the plaque reads "This monument was erected by members of the Bakers Hill/Clackline Volunteer Defence Corps and other local citizens and dedicated on 13th December 1942, to mark the site where RAAF Anson Aircraft No W2262 crashed on 9th October 1942, killing all four crew members. The City of Perth Branch of the Royal Australian Air Force Association carried out restoration of the monument, and it was rededicated on 25th November 1984 by Bishop Denis Bryant, DFC 'PER ARDUA AD ASTRA' ".
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Condition and Integrity
Each year the site is cleared of any rubbish, and checked for any damage by members of the City of Perth Branch of the Royal Australian Airforce Association (WA Division) in conjunction with the local Northam Scout Group.
Located on the road reserve of Arvo Anson Road, Warranine, about 5km south-east of Clackline.
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