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Pine Creek Railway Precinct, Main Tce, Pine Creek, NT, Australia

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List Register of the National Estate (Non-statutory archive)
Class Historic
Legal Status Registered (21/10/1980)
Place ID 35
Place File No 7/03/008/0001
Statement of Significance
Pine Creek's Railway Precinct is historically important for its direct association with the construction of the North Australia Railway in the Northern Territory in the 1880s and the role that rail played in the Territory's development over a lengthy period (Criterion A.4)(Historic Theme 3.7: Moving goods and people). The precinct is the most complete of the surviving North Australia Railway installations and exemplifies the types of infrastructure built for the line (Criteria D.2 and B.2). The precinct, located in the centre of Pine Creek and forming a major assortment of structures in the small town, forms a significant element in the local townscape (Criterion E.1).
Official Values Not Available
The Pine Creek Railway Precinct is an extensive railway terminus complex consisting of: station building; parcel office; waiting room and adjacent toilets; goods shed and loading platform; weighbridge; 5 ton crane; tank stand and 25,000 gallon tank; station master's residence; signal standard; four track permanent way; engine turning triangle diversion; engine shed foundations; ash pit; and foundations for buildings (now removed). The buildings are clad with corrugated iron and feature both hipped and gabled roofs. The site was the terminus for the North Australia Railway, which was opened at Pine Creek in 1889. Pine Creek was intended to be a temporary terminus on the eventual transcontinental railway to link Darwin and Adelaide. The Darwin-Pine Creek section was constructed during the last years of optimism for Top End mining. The Territory then fell into economic decline from 1890 and the line was not extended south until after 1914 when work began on the extension to Katherine. The line eventually reached Birdum in 1929, but operations ceased in 1976 and the system has been substantially dismantled since. The station was an important depot during World War Two. The Pine Creek railway precinct is the only segment of the railway which still exhibits an intact combination of permanent way, railway buildings, and related facilities. The station masters' residence, goods shed and station building are good examples of railway architecture adapted for the Territory's climate and economic and supply conditions. The station masters' house is largely as built to a standard 1885 South Australian Railways plan, which has been modified by the enclosure of the verandahs with push out corrugated galvanised iron shutters. The railway installations are visually prominent and represent a major feature in the Pine Creek townscape. A park and regional interpretative display have recently been developed on the site, adjacent to the station master's residence.
History Not Available
Condition and Integrity
Generally the condition is good although the integrity of the precinct was impaired by the removal of railway cottages in the early 1980s. The remaining buildings are now maintained. The weighbridge scales were recently removed for safe keeping, following fire damage. (1994)
About 2ha, Main Terrace, Pine Creek, comprising Lot 271 Town of Pine Creek (Alex Gory Park).
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