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ABBBS Database Search: Larus novaehollandiae (Silver Gull)

Scientific NameLarus novaehollandiae
SPRAT DatabaseSPRAT Listing

Banding Data

Total Banded136649
First BandedOctober 1953
Last BandedMarch 2014

Recovery Data

Total Recoveries11552
Recovered Only Once8589
Distinct Recoveries9466
Most Frequent Resighting45 times
First RecoveryApril 1954
Last RecoveryJuly 2014

Maximum Movement and Elapsed Time Details

Movement Average: 79 km Maximum: 3726 km
Band 08275862, banded in February 1991 at KOOLAN ISLAND, WA (-16 deg 8 min, 123 deg 45 min). Recovered after 1 year 10.7 months at SORELL 7KM NE OF HOBART AIRPORT, TAS (-42 deg 47 min, 147 deg 33 min) in January 1993 after moving 3726 km. Recovery method: FOUND DEAD IN/NEAR A NEST OR BURROW (PULLI AND ADULTS) OR ROOST (BATS) Recovery status: WAS DEAD AND THE BAND WAS REMOVED.
Elapsed Time Average: 1 year 8.5 months Maximum: 28 years 9.0 months
Band 08080129, banded in November 1965 at ULVERSTONE, TAS (-41 deg 9 min, 146 deg 10 min). Recovered after 28 years 9.0 months at W SHORE DENTRECASTEAUX CHANNEL, TAS (-43 deg 4 min, 147 deg 16 min) in August 1994 after moving 232 km. Recovery method: BAND NUMBER READ IN FIELD (BIRD NOT TRAPPED) Recovery status: WAS ALIVE IN THE WILD WITH THE BAND.


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