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This site publishes information required under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999  (EPBC) Act. The information presented is dynamically generated from a Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts database. The Environment Protection (Impact of Proposals) 1974 (EPIP) Act was repealed by the EPBC Act on July 16 2000 and transitional provisions apply.

The list of activity categories used in referral titles was changed on 14 December 2001. More information is provided in the help page accessed through 'How to use this site'.

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Reference Number
Title of referral
Date received
2014/7315 Johnson Property Group Pty Ltd/Residential development/617 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong/NSW/Cooranbong residential subdivision and Local Water Centre development 22 Aug 2014
2014/7313 Melbourne Water Corporation/Waste management (sewerage)/Lot 1, New Farm Road, Werribee/VIC/Western Treatment Plant Stage 1 Augmentation 22 Aug 2014
2014/7314 Regional Power Corporation Trading As Horizon Power/Energy generation and supply (non-renewable)/Shire of Ashburton, WA/WA/Onslow Power Infrastructure Upgrade Project, Onslow, WA 21 Aug 2014

Relevant information required for certain notifications may be available in the form of attached documents (eg. referral information about the proposed action, or the decision on controlling provisions that apply to an action) in the following formats:
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