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Title of Referral: Corangamite Catchment Management Authority /Water management and use/Cundare-Duverney Road, 15kms southwest of Colac/VIC/Construction of a new culvert on the Cundare Barrage 
Date Received: 04 Feb 2014 Reference Number: 2014/7125 
Notification from EPBC Act Date of Notice Documents
  • Decision whether action needs approval/Approval Not Required
05 Mar 2014 http://www.environment.gov.au/epbc/notices/assessments/2014/7125/2014-7125-referral-decision.pdf
  • Invitation for Public Comment on Referral
04 Feb 2014 Referral Attachment 1.1 Location Map Attachment 2.1 Corangamite Shire Letter Attachment 3 Species assessment Cundare Barrage Culvert Hydraulics Attachment 5.6 Construction and environmental management plan Attachment 5.1 Cundare Barrage Due Diligence Report Attachment 5.2 Protected matters report Attachment 5.3 Detailed Design Attachment 5.4 Fish passage report Attachment 5.5 Geotech report Cundare Barrage, Cundare-Duverney Road, Cundare I3052 Letter