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Title of Referral: Western Region Water Corporation /Waste management (sewerage)/Greigs Road West and Mount Cottrell Road, Rockbank /VIC/Rockbank and Toolern Sewer, Water and Recycled Water Infrastructure Upgrades  
Date Received: 22 Apr 2014 Reference Number: 2014/7187 
Notification from EPBC Act Date of Notice Documents
  • Proposal Withdrawn
27 Jun 2014
  • Invitation for Public Comment on Referral
23 Apr 2014 Referral Appendix H - Tree table CHMP Report Part 1 of 2 CHMP Report Part 2 of 2 council advice on trench placement Ecological values Geotech Report Pages from RockbankCH due diligence_sml Part 1 of 2 Pages from RockbankCH due diligence_sml Part 2 of 2 Appendix A ENV-EA-C101 - C103 Appendix A ENV-EA-C104 - C105 Appendix A ENV-EA-C106 - C107 Appendix A ENV-EA-C110 - C111 Appendix A ENV-EA-C108 - C109 Appendix A ENV-EA-C112 - C113 Appendix A ENV-EA-C115 Appendix A ENV-EA-C127 Appendix A ENV-GSM-C114 - C116 Appendix A ENV-GSM-C117 - C118 Appendix A ENV-GSM-C119 - C120 Appendix A ENV-GSM-C121 - C122 Appendix A ENV-GSM-C123 - C124 Appendix A ENV-GSM-C125 - C126 Appendix B Habitat Compensation Mapping Appendix C - Rockbank 2005 EVCs Appendix D - Monthly Rainfall Data (BOM) Appendix E - DSE Suriya Advice Appendix E - DSEWPC Advice Appendix E - FW GSM survey season - January Appendix E - FW Western Water - Rockbank Pipelines Appendix E - FW Western Water Pipeline Appendix F -Updated EPBC report Aug13 Appendix G - HHa Sheets Rockbank and Toolern Detailed Ecological and Net Gain Report