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Old Parliament House and Curtilage
Old Parliament House and Curtilage
Image Description: Senate Doors
Barcode No: dig000944
Holdings: RT31640, RT53994, RT55619 - RT55633, RT59901, dig000938 - dig000945, dig001057 - dig001082, (Glass plate CD90,106-109,252-254,514-517,562-565), RT76886
Location: King George Tce, Parkes
Date Taken: 2006
Photographer: Mohell, Mark
Keyword(s): Architecture, Buildings, Facades
Copyright Owner: Copyright Department of the Environment
Copyright Conditions: Credit creator
Copyright Comments: Unlimited reproduction usage for unlimited period of time
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RNE: Place_ID 13278
CHL: Place_ID 105318
NHL: Place_ID 105774
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Barcode No: dig000944
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