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Mawsons Huts and Mawsons Huts Historic Site
Mawsons Huts and Mawsons Huts Historic Site
Barcode No: rt32775
Holdings: RT32768 - RT32871, RT59963 - RT60008, dig001707 - dig001712, dig007812 - dig007819
Location: Dumont D'Urville Station, Antarctica
Date Taken: 1986
Photographer: Pearson, Dr M
Keyword(s): Antarctic environments, Artefacts, Huts, Rocks
Copyright Owner: Copyright Department of the Environment
Copyright Conditions: Contact copyright owner before using
Copyright Comments: Unlimited reproduction usage for unlimited period of time
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RNE: Place_ID 13655
RNE: Place_ID 102535
CHL: Place_ID 105395
CHL: Place_ID 105435
NHL: Place_ID 105713
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