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Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Barcode No: rt67278
Holdings: RT08324 - RT08333, RT11276, RT11554, RT48979 - RT48980, RT67276 - RT67280, dig000433, dig000442, dig000444 - dig000446, RT76842, RP04134, ea015285, dig002227 - dig002230, dig002234 - dig002238, dig002240 - dig002243, dig004308, dig006770
Location: Bradfield Hwy, Dawes Point
Date Taken: 18 Feb 2003
Photographer: Mohell, Mark
Keyword(s): Bridges, Harbours, Residential areas
Copyright Owner: Copyright Department of the Environment
Copyright Conditions: Credit creator
Copyright Comments: Unlimited reproduction usage for unlimited period of time
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RNE: Place_ID 1857
NHL: Place_ID 105888
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Barcode No: rt67278
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