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Scientific Name Higher order groups
Kingdom: Animalia animals
Phylum: Mollusca molluscs
Class: Gastropoda snails, slugs
Superfamily: Littorinoidea periwinkles and relatives

Family Littorinidae (periwinkles, australwinks, winkles, conniwinks) Hide details
Select species from 'periwinkles, australwinks, winkles, conniwinks'
Littoraria articulata   Articulated Littorina Fullsize image Nodilittorina praetermissa   Checkered Australwink Fullsize image
Nodilittorina acutispira   Dark Littorina Fullsize image Bembicium melanostomum   Dark-Mouthed Conniwink Fullsize image
Bembicium auratum   Gold-mouthed Conniwink Fullsize image Nodilittorina nodosa   Noduled Littorina Fullsize image
Littoraria scabra   Scratched Littoraria, Scabby Littoraria Fullsize image Littoraria undulata   Undulated Littorina Fullsize image
Nodilittorina australis   Western Noddiwink Fullsize image


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