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Cominella lineolata (Family Buccinidae)

Spotted Cominella



The Spotted Cominella ranges from New South Wales, through Victoria, around Tasmania, across South Australia to south-western Western Australia (NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA).


The Spotted Cominella has an oval shaped shell, cone-shaped at both ends. It grows to a length of between 25 - 30 mm. Its spire is moderately high. The whorls are sculptured with low, broad, spiral riblets, or may be entirely smooth. The shoulders may have nodules. The shell aperture has 10 to 12 spiral ribs on the outer wall, with a short siphonal canal at the front (anterior). The columella is smooth. The covering operculum is horny.

The Spotted Cominella shell colour is variable. It is often cream, light yellow-brown, or grey. The pattern may be very variable. It is often banded with black, dark brown, orange or fawn that may form broken spiral stripes, or spots, speckles or blotches.

Ecology/Way of Life:

The Spotted Cominella occurs at mid-tide level and below to 5 metres depth, in pools and under rocks. It can be found in quite sandy or silty locations. It is a very common mollusc along southern shores. It is a common to abundant carnivorous mollusc. There is great variation in this mollusc in both form and colour. At breeding time, several hundred individuals may lay their eggs communally.

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Text, map & photographs by Keith Davey.

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