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Trichomusculus barbatus (Family Mytilidae)

Hairy Three-area Mussel



The Hairy Three-area Mussel's range extends from New South Wales, around the southern Australian shoreline to Western Australia. (NSW, VIC, SA, TAS, WA)


The Hairy Three-area Mussel is a small, distinctively oblong-oval shaped mussel with three distinct areas of the shell. It grows to a length of 10-12 mm. It has a swollen, fragile, horny shell, with its umbo (knob or protuberance) at the anterior (front) end. Both the anterior (front) and posterior (hind end) of the shell are marked with fine radial ribs. The central area is smooth, except for very fine growth lines. A shiny epidermis skin that is called the periostracum covers the shell. This periostracum covering extends into long, distinctive, branched, fibrous bristles near the shell opening.

The shell of the Hairy Three-area Mussel is coloured greenish yellow or horn coloured, with a darker periostracum. Inside the bivalve is white, almost iridescent.

Ecology/Way of Life:

Filter Feeder Uncommon.

It occurs at low tide levels and below in areas under stones where sediment has accumulated, or in gutters where there is a sandy mud. The Hairy Three-area Mussel embeds itself on a sandy mud bottom.

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Interaction with Humans/Threats:

Unusually, this species is not mentioned in Shepherd and Thomas (1989), nor is it in Edgar (1997). In "Coastal Invertebrates of Victoria" (1984) it is described as being uncommon. This may mean that this species has a restricted distribution to some localities and may be uncommon to unknown in some southern state shores. Therefore, it may be a species under threat.

Further Reading:

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Text, map and photograph by Keith Davey.

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