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Turbo intercostalis (Family Turbinidae)

Beautiful Turban



The Beautiful Turban has a restricted distribution that is limited to WA, ranging from Esperance to Shark Bay. (WA)


The Beautiful Turban has a solid, turban-shaped shell, with a reasonably high spire. It grows to a length of 80 mm. Its height is more than its width. Its shell sculpture consists of rounded whorls, with spiral ribs crossed by close, thin, low, scaled, axial lamellae. The aperture is round. The operculum is circular and thick, sculptured with blunt tubercles that cover the convex outer surface. It has a sealed umbilicus.

The exterior colour of the Beautiful Turban is fawn, with brown axial, wavy stripes. There may be some orange and green mottling. The operculum outer surface, aperture and columella are white in colour.

Ecology/Way of Life:

The Beautiful Turban occurs at low tide level and below, in gutters and in pools, on reefs and platforms. It grazes on algae. This is a distinctive temperate representative of a tropical genus.

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Interaction with Humans/Threats:

The Beautiful Turban has a limited distribution confined to south-west Western Australia. Fortunately, quite a large percentage of its range is along coastlines that are sparsely populated. In more built up areas of shore near cities, there is more of a threat to this species.

Other Comments:

Synonym: Turbo pulcher Reeve, 1842.

Further Reading:

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Text, map and photograph by Keith Davey.

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