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Actinothoe glandulosa (Family Sagartiidae)

False Burrowing Anemone



Actinothoe glandulosa is known only from the temperate reefs near Perth and Shark Bay, Western Australia. (WA)


Although this species buries its column in the substrate, it is not a true burrowing anemone. This is because it does not have the physa or burrowing structure of burrowing anemones, such as Edwardsia vivipara.

These anemones are always small in size, around 13 mm in diameter, and white in colour. It has a well-developed pedal disc and a smooth column. About 70 delicate tentacles are present. The outer tentacles are very short, whereas the inner tentacles are considerably longer, about the same length as the column.

Ecology/Way of Life:

The False Burrowing Anemone lives in sublittoral habitats from 0-12 m, often in clusters of several individuals.

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Interaction with Humans/Threats:

Little is known about the threats to this species, but it is currently recorded from only two restricted locations and therefore could be vulnerable.

Other Comments:

Little else is known about this species.

Further Reading:

Edgar, G.J. (1997) Australian Marine Life: the plants and animals of temperate waters. Reed Books, Kew, 544 pp.

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Text & map by Carden Wallace & Zoe Richards, Museum of Tropical Queensland.

Photograph by Graham Edgar.

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