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Aleurodiscus limonisporus (Family Stereaceae)



Found in Tasmania and a small area of central Victoria. The distribution shown on the map is based on herbarium records and reliable sightings. It is likely that this species has a wider distribution than that shown on the map. However there has been little work on the distribution of Australian fungi and there are surprisingly few herbarium specimens of even the common species. (TAS, VIC).


The fruiting bodies develop as small disks, 2 to 10 mm in diameter. Much of each disk is attached to the wood, but the margins are unattached. The visible side of each disk is creamy to tan and smooth, except at the margins, which are densely fringed with white hairs. The separate disks often merge to produce larger, irregularly shaped areas which can be many centimetres long. Raised ridge lines are formed where the separate disks meet, giving a weakly net-like impression to the composite structure. The fruiting bodies usually appear on the underside of dead wood lying on the ground.

Spore print: white. Basidiomycete.

Ecology/Way of Life:

A saprotroph found mostly on dead Nothofagus wood, but recorded once on what was possibly dead Acacia wood.

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Other Comments:

The type specimen was collected in Victoria. This species is also found in New Zealand.

Further Reading:

Cunningham, GH. (1963). The Thelephoraceae of Australia and New Zealand, Government Printer, Wellington.

Nunez, M & Ryvarden, L. (1997). The Genus Aleurodiscus (Basidiomycotina). Fungiflora, Oslo.

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Text, map and image by Heino Lepp.

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