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ACT  NSW  NT  Qld  SA  Tas  Vic  WA  External Territories 

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Marine/coastal:  Zk(a) 

Inland:  Sp  Ss  Tp  Ts  Va  Vt  Xf  Xp  Zg  Zk(b) 

Human-made:  Zk(c) 

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Drainage Division:

1. North-East Coast  2. South-East Coast  3. Tasmania  4. Murray-Darling 

5. South Australian Gulf  6. South-West Coast  7. Indian Ocean  8.Timor Sea 

9. Gulf of Carpentaria   10. Lake Eyre  11. Bulloo - Bancannia  12. Western Plateau 

IMCRA region:

Southeast Shelf Transition  Bass Strait Shelf Province  Christmas Island Province 

Timor Province  Northeast Province  Lord Howe Province 

Northwest Shelf Transition  Northwest Shelf Province  Northeast Shelf Province 

Tasmanian Shelf Province  Cocos (Keeling) Island Province  Central Eastern Shelf Transition 

Central Eastern Shelf Province