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Washpool Lagoon - SA072

Level of importance: National - Directory
Location: 35 degrees 18' 56" S, 138 degrees 27' 15" E; located between Norman Road and Button Road, Aldinga Beach; GPS coordinates: GDA94, Zone 54; 208407 E, 6088633 N.
Biogeographic region: Flinders Lofty Block.
Shire: City of Onkaparinga
Area: 53 ha.
Elevation: 15 m asl.
Other listed wetlands in same aggregation: None.
Wetland type:
Criteria for inclusion: 1,
Site description:
Washpool Lagoon is a freshwater coastal lagoon close to residential development with riparian habitats that contain a number of threatened species.
Physical features:
Washpool Lagoon is a low lying coastal swamp on undifferentiated alluvial/fluvial sediments.
Soil type: Loamy sand. Mean annual rainfall 600 mm.
Hydrological features:
Local runoff, predominantly storm water is drained into the wetland. The basin plays a significant role in flood mitigation. The water level reflects seasonal cycles and also responds to episodic heavy rainfall. Water Chemistry 15/10/01: pH 8.5; Conductivity 1480 uS/cm; Turbidity 16.42 NTU; Dissolved oxygen 11.5 mg/L; Water temperature 18.0 C.
Ecological features:
Dominant riparian vegetation includes Cyprus gunni and Gahnia filum. Dominant buffer vegetation includes exotic grasses. Aquatic vegetation classes: Rooted vascular, algae.
This wetland is an excellent representation of a remnant coastal lagoon system. Several species with conservation significance occur within the site. The wetland is visited by migratory shorebirds during spring and summer.
Notable flora:
Threatened species include: Alternanthera denticulata - Uncommon Southern Lofty, Angianthus preissianus - Rare Southern Lofty, Carex bichenoviana - Uncommon Southern Lofty, Geranium potentilloides var. potentilloides - unknown Southern Lofty, Haloragis aspera - Rare Southern Lofty, Hemichroa pentandra - Rare Southern Lofty, Imperata cylindrica - Rare Southern Lofty, Melaleuca halmaturorum ssp. Halmaturorum - Vulnerable Southern Lofty, Muehlenbeckia florulenta - Rare Southern Lofty, Samolus repens - Uncommon Southern Lofty, Schoenus nitens - Rare Southern Lofty, Sclerolaena diacantha - Rare Southern Lofty.
Notable fauna:
Washpool Lagoon is an important roosting site for a variety of water-bird species of which, waterfowl are the most common residents. The Black swan, Caspian tern, Black-winged stilt, White-faced heron and Whiskered tern are frequently observed. Non-migratory shorebirds are present year round, however, the population can increase in numbers during spring when migratory waders visit the site.
Other Fauna:
Invertebrate: Daphniidae spp. (Water fleas), Paramelitidae spp. (Scuds).
Social and Cultural values:
Recreation and tourism: None known. Social and cultural values: Washpool Lagoon has been identified as an important indigenous cultural site.
Land tenure:
Tenure on site: Local government and Public. Tenure surrounding: Private and Public.
Current land use:
Current land use on site: Council reserve. Surrounding land use: Residential.
Disturbance or threat:
Past/present: Damage caused by access tracks, fence lines, invasive plants and runoff from cleared land. Potential: Increased stormwater runoff from residential areas.
Conservation measures taken:
Conservation measures - Dedicated as a Council Reserve and Bushcare site. Current scientific research - Unknown. Current conservation education - Unknown.
Management authority and jurisdiction:
Department for Environment and Heritage and City of Onkaparinga.
(Biological Database of SA; Lang & Kraehenbuehl 2001; NPWSA Act 1972, Updated Schedule 2000; Seaman 2002d; Turner 2000) See SA Reference List
Compiler & date:
15/10/01, Russell Seaman, National Parks & Wildlife. Updated, G Anderson SA Department for Environment and Heritage, 30/5/05.
AWRC Division: South Australian Gulf
AWRC Region:
AWRC Basin: