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Congeratinga Swamp - SA081

Level of importance: National - Directory
Location: 35 degrees 34' 1" S, 138 degrees 16' 38" E, located within Second Valley Forest (Middle Fence Block), 7.5 Km west of Parawa on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula.
Biogeographic region: Kanmantoo.
Shire: Yankalilla
Area: 10.39 ha.
Elevation: 320 m asl.
Other listed wetlands in same aggregation: None.
Wetland type: B13
Criteria for inclusion: 1, 5,
Site description:
Congeratinga swamp is composed of closed wet sedgeland and shrubland, a community which provides habitat for the nationally endangered Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-Wren, Stipiturus malachurus intermedius. The swamp is a 'Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp', which is a threatened ecological community (EPBC Act 1999).
Physical features:
Spring fed swamp on rubbly waste mantle of ferruginous gibbers, sandstone and claystone in dark red-brown silty sand. Mean annual rainfall 800 mm.
Hydrological features:
Water Course: Congeratinga River. Water source: Groundwater - Inland Palustrine spring with a permanent water regime. Contains water throughout the year though level may vary. Water Chemistry 19/02/2005: pH 6.80, Conductivity 478.40 us/cm, Turbidity 7.27 NTU, Temperature 14.50 C, Water depth 0.20 m.
Ecological features:
Closed wet shrubland and tall closed wet shrubland. Dominant riparian vegetation includes Baumea juncea, Gahnia trifida, Lepidosperma longitudinale, Leptospermum continentale, Leptospermum lanigerum, Melaleuca decussata and Patersonia fragilis. Buffer vegetation includes Eucalyptus ovata and Hakea rostrata.
Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps are a threatened ecological community and the wetland supports a stable population of Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-wren, Stipiturus malachurus intermedius which is endangered at the national and state level (EPBC Act 1999; NPWS Act 1972).
Notable flora:
Threatened species: The site contains 21 regionally threatened species and 7 threatened at a state level including: Lax Twig-rush Baumea laxa - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty, Hard Water-fern Blechnum wattsii - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty, Swamp Raspwort Haloragis brownii - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty, Hairy Beard-heath Leucopogon hirsutus - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty, Broad Milfoil Myriophyllum amphibium - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty, Pink Swamp-heath Sprengelia incarnata - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty, Native Broom Viminaria juncea - Sr and Rare Southern Lofty.
Notable fauna:
Threatened species: Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-wren Stipiturus malachurus intermedius (Se, Ne). Yellow-tailed black-cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus (Sv).
Other Fauna:
See taxon information.
Social and Cultural values:
Land tenure:
Tenure on site: Private/Public. Surrounding: Private/Public.
Current land use:
Onsite: Vacant land and private conservation. Surrounding: Forestry (Pine), Private Conservation, Grazing (sheep).
Disturbance or threat:
Past/Present: Dumping of household refuse and damage caused by vehicle tracks. Potential: Pine forest encroachment.
Conservation measures taken:
No information.
Management authority and jurisdiction:
Forestry SA and Private.
(Harding in press; Pickett 2003) See SA Reference List
Compiler & date:
G Anderson, SA Department for Environment and Heritage, 30/5/05.
AWRC Division: South Australian Gulf
AWRC Region:
AWRC Basin: