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Maylands Swamp - SA083

Level of importance: National - Directory
Location: 35 degrees 33' 44" S, 138 degrees 24' 44" E, located on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula on the Maylands property, North of Maylands Rd., Parawa, 5 km east of Parawa.
Biogeographic region: Kanmantoo.
Shire: Yankalilla
Area: 21 ha.
Elevation: 250 m asl.
Other listed wetlands in same aggregation: None.
Wetland type: B15, B13
Criteria for inclusion: 1,
Site description:
Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp peat bog in excellent condition with a good diversity of shrubs and sedges. A species rich Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp which has been fragmented but which supports a suite of threatened plant and animal species.
Physical features:
Spring fed swamp on undifferentiated glaciogenic rocks of Arckaringa and Troubridge Basins. Mean annual rainfall 600 mm.
Hydrological features:
Water course: Willow Creek. Water Source: Local runoff and spring. Wetland system, origin and regime: Inland palustrine spring with a permanent water regime although level may vary. Water Chemistry 28/09/2004: pH 6.63, conductivity 208.20 uS/cm, temperature 12.40 degrees C. Maximum water depth (when full) 0.3 m.
Ecological features:
Wet Shrubland. Dominant riparian vegetation includes Acacia retinodes var. retinodes (swamp form), Baumea rubiginosa, Baumea tetragona, Eleocharis gracilis, Epilobium pallidiflorum, Juncus sarophorus, Lepidosperma longitudinale, Leptospermum continentale, Leptospermum lanigerum, Phragmites australis, Triglochin procerum and Villarsia umbricola var. umbricola. Buffer vegetation includes Acacia retinodes var., Acacia verticillata and Eucalyptus ovata.
Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp in excellent condition. Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps are a threatened ecological community and the wetland supports threatened flora and fauna including the Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-wren Stipiturus malachurus intermedius which is endangered at the national and state level (EPBC Act 1999; NPWS Act 1972).
Notable flora:
The site supports 26 regionally threatened species including nine that are also threatened at a state level. These are: Baumea laxa - Sr, Cryptostylis subulata - Sv, Drosera binata - Sr, Gleichenia microphylla - Sr, Gonocarpus micranthus ssp. micranthus - Sr, Hypolepis rugosula - Sr, Myriophyllum amphibium - Sr, Viminaria juncea - Sr and Xyris operculata - Sr.
Notable fauna:
Latham's snipe Gallinago hardwickii JAMBA / CAMBA listed, Mount Lofty Ranges Southern Emu-wren Stipiturus malachurus intermedius (Se, Ne).
Other Fauna:
See taxon information.
Social and Cultural values:
None known.
Land tenure:
Tenure on site: Private. Surrounding: Private.
Current land use:
Onsite: Grazing (sheep and cattle). Surrounding: Grazing (sheep, cattle and dairy).
Disturbance or threat:
Past/present: There was an attempt to destroy the swamp in the early 1990's where the swamp was aerial sprayed with herbicide and then burnt to remove remaining vegetation. The buffer is absent, some overgrazing is occurring and weeds are present. Potential: Unknown.
Conservation measures taken:
The area is privately managed for conservation and is fenced.
Management authority and jurisdiction:
(Harding in press) See SA Reference List
Compiler & date:
G Anderson, SA Department for Environment and Heritage, 30/5/06.
AWRC Division: South Australian Gulf
AWRC Region:
AWRC Basin: