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Monitoring Evaluation Reporting and Improvement (MERI) for Australian Government natural resource management Programs

Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement tool (MERIT)

The new monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement tool is now available for grant recipients to start online reporting.

As part of the Australian Government’s commitment to accountability, reporting on program outcomes and adaptive management in natural resource management and biodiversity conservation, a suite of new documents have been developed to support MERI over the next 5 years.

The purpose of these documents is to support the collection and reporting of data and information about the natural resource management and biodiversity conservation efforts that the Australian Government invests in, and that the natural resource management community delivers. This will enable us to be accountable for our achievements and learn from experience to enhance future efforts. Data and information will also contribute to building a more comprehensive understanding of the state of our environment.

The following range of informative and practical resources will help you, the natural resource management and biodiversity conservation practitioner, contribute to building a better understanding of how Australia is managing its natural resources and conserving biodiversity.

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Strategy: Caring for our Country and Biodiversity Fund

This is essential reading for all Caring for our Country and Biodiversity Fund recipients. This high level document outlines the broad objectives, principles, and approach of MERI and outlines the roles and responsibilities of funding recipients and the Australian Government. Caring for our Country or Biodiversity Fund recipients are encouraged to read this document prior to developing their project MERI plan.

Read the Monitoring Evaluation Reporting and Improvement Strategy: Caring for our Country and the Biodiversity Fund 

Program MERI Plans -  Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity Fund

These documents outline how the Australian Government will monitor and evaluate the two Caring for our Country (sustainable Environment and Sustainable Agriculture) streams and the Biodiversity Fund. The documents describe the important elements of each program and how progress will be monitored, evaluated and reported. Program MERI plans provide further detail to the funding recipient on the specific performance indicators for the program(s) and may be useful when developing project level MERI plans (see below). 

Program MERI Plan – Biodiversity Fund

Project MERI Plan Templates

The following templates are provided for Biodiversity Fund recipients. As outlined in Funding Agreements, funding recipients are required to complete and submit a MERI Plan for approval by the department.

Other MERI Resources

Draft reporting template

The draft annual report template is provided as an example of potential reporting requirements for successful projects. It should be noted that successful projects would not necessarily be required to complete all sections.

Biodiversity fund ecological monitoring

Biodiversity Fund projects with approved Funds greater than or equal to $500,000 (GST exclusive) are required to collect ecological monitoring data and report the data collected to the department. This data can be collected using one of the following recognised methods, the department may add additional methodologies to this list:

If you do not intend to use one of these listed monitoring methods, you must then collect and report ecological monitoring data to the department in accordance with the department’s “Biodiversity Fund Ecological Monitoring Guide”. For further information about monitoring requirements please contact your departmental case manager.

Video guide to Ecological Monitoring in the field

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