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Carbon Link Limited

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Ignatius Verbeek
Phone: 0413 082593
The service provider is non-Indigenous
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Carbon Link Limited (CL) is a company which has grown out of Resource Consulting Services (RCS) and its background in grazing management. It is largely owned by primary producers and has been privately funding work on soil carbon since 2007. Carbon Link has used its resources and those of RCS to pull together a multidisciplinary team and a good mix of grazing enterprises, including sheep and cattle across diverse soil and vegetation groups and climate zones.

The CL Operations Manager and Director, Ignatius Verbeek has over 25 year experience in engineering project management and carbon accounting. He has managed a number of research projects including development of new sampling equipment and management and interpretation of data. He has conducted numerous field sampling exercises, including air quality, noise, contaminated soil, industrial pollutants and water. He is a trained project manager and has managed a number of significant engineering and research projects. This experience, together with operational experience in managing a recent whole of farm baselining project plus the on-going development of CFI methodologies, enables CL to provide feasibility assessments and advice on the Carbon Farming Initiative to Indigenous landholders. CL also has access to the expertise and staff within Resource Consulting Services.