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Ecology and Heritage Partners Pty Ltd, and RAMPCarbon

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: James Garden (Ecology and Heritage Partners), Phil Cohn (Ramp Carbon)
Phone: 03 9377 0100 (Ecology and Heritage Partners); 0410 411 161 (Ramp Carbon)
The service provider is non-Indigenous
Services provided in: National

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Services provided:

Ecology and Heritage Partners and RAMPCarbon have been operating under a joint advisory platform called CARBON CROP. The platform provides a single point of carbon market expertise and project sourcing for both buyers and landholders, and delivers advisory and project development services in relation to land based greenhouse gas emissions.

Ecology and Heritage Partners has been involved in over 3,000 projects in Australia, providing a premium service in environmental and cultural heritage consultancy services for more than 8 years. The Company has provided advice on the CFI to interested parties, and presented at industry forums on the opportunities associated with the scheme. Ecology and Heritage Partners has extensive experience working with traditional owners in cultural heritage management and have the skills and knowledge to provide these services in a culturally appropriate manner. The company is also experienced in ecological monitoring and auditing and preparation of environmental management plans.

RAMP Carbon is an expert advisory and project development company operating in carbon markets and the clean energy sector. The company has a track record of developing innovative emission reduction projects through the provision of technical consulting and hands-on project management. RAMP Carbon has been working on the development of CFI methodologies and projects since the beginning of this scheme. This includes development of the 'Implementing the Carbon Farming Initiative - A guide for businesses' and CFI methodologies for the Northern Livestock Industry.