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Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Sue Salvin
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GHD has been supporting the involvement of Indigenous Australians in carbon farming initiatives since 2009 when we were contracted by SEWPaC to develop and run seven workshops for Indigenous people to explain the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). The workshops also covered the scientific, economic and legal issues associated with establishing environmental planting projects.

We were then contracted by SEWPaC to work with four Indigenous organisations to help them assess the feasibility of their potential carbon farming projects. These detailed feasibility assessments, completed in 2012, are now available as Case Studies on the Indigenous Carbon Farming Fund (ICFF) webpage.

In 2012, we also carried out feasibility assessments of potential carbon farming projects for other clients including Singleton Council and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). The five feasibility assessments for DAFF covered environmental planting projects on agricultural land. These will shortly be posted to DAFF's website to help other landholders establish carbon farming projects on their land.

In 2011, we provided SEWPaC with advice on the potential for a premium market in carbon credits from projects which have Indigenous co-benefits, and developed a fact sheet for GHD's clients on how the CFI operates. We are now developing similar information for the clients of one of the major banks and will provide an information service including webinars on opportunities under the CFI. A number of Indigenous organisations also sought our advice before submitting their applications for funding under the ICFF.

Having followed the feasibility assessment process through a number of times for different projects, GHD is well-positioned to train others to follow the same process. Importantly, our national coverage of offices and wide range of technical skill areas, including resource management; forestry; and landscape-scale fire management and planning, positions GHD as a one-stop shop for CFI help and project advice.