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Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Phillip Toyne
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McCullough Robertson is a commercial law firm that has extensive legal expertise spanning many years in providing advice on Native Title and environmental matters. This includes advising Indigenous bodies, farmers, and land managers on the opportunities and mechanics of the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI). The firm is a leader in Native Title law and was even recognised in 2013 as the Native Title law firm of the year in Australia by the Corporate INTL law awards.

McCullough Robertson has advised Indigenous groups and those considering working with Indigenous groups on the legal and practical mechanics underpinning the CFI since the legislation was first introduced into the Commonwealth Parliament. Over the last 12 months, McCullough Robertson's legal services in this area have included advising on:

McCullough Robertson may assist Indigenous participants whether they take on a central role under the CFI as project proponent or under a contractual arrangement with a third party service provider.