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National Aboriginal Solutions (Aboriginal Corporation)

Register of Service Providers for Indigenous Carbon Farming Activities

Contact details: Paul Kelly
Phone: 0402 938 781
The service provider is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
Services provided in: National

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National Aboriginal Solutions (Aboriginal Corporation) is a Public Benevolent Institution. We are a non-profit charitable organisation devoted to making a positive difference in the community for all Australians. Our aim is to develop and provide the highest quality programs, designed to link Aboriginal Communities with mainstream Australia and for the benefit all people in our regional, rural, isolated and remote communities.

Our organisation is registered under the Office of the Register of Indigenous Corporation (O.R.I.C) to act with Official Capacity, and was formed at the request of Senior Traditional Community Elders; both women and men from across Australia, supported and endorsed by Traditional (Lore) Law and Culture Council members.

We understand and have experienced the complexities of barriers faced by Indigenous Youth and Communities, and we are dedicated to overcoming these barriers and achieving long term sustainable outcomes for all involved.

Our key focus is the multiple barriers that exist. These examples include Feasibility assessment of carbon farming projects at Kenmore Park APY Homelands, offering advice on the Carbon Farming Initiative in Homelands nationally, the development of governance and contractual arrangements in homelands and communities across Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia and networking to assist with the provision of training advocating programs designed to counter these barriers and with the assistance and advice from Traditional Elders, the communities youth and the community generally.

We will contribute to people leading more positive and productive lives, particularly in the areas of; culture sharing and understanding, social inclusion, economic sustainability, environment promotion and preservation.