Land Sector Package

The Land Sector Package communication materials

When developing communication materials, all projects funded in full or part by the initiative should acknowledge the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future in the body copy and use the Clean Energy Future logo, as well as the Australian Government logo.

This includes projects jointly funded by partners including state, territory or local governments, industry, education or community bodies.

Branding guidelines for Land Sector Package projects

For full details on Clean Energy Future logo usage, please refer to the guidelines below.

Clean Energy Future logo

Clean Energy Future

Download Clean Energy Future logos (all are in PNG format):

Australian Government logo guidelines

When using Australian Government logos please refer to the guidelines which will assist you with the appropriate sizing and placement on your materials.

Please contact us for assistance with any queries regarding logos and branding for Clean Energy Future programs or past programs.

Australian Government logo - inline

Australian Government logo

Australian Government logo - stacked

Australian Government logo