Climate Change Adaptation Program

The Australian Government’s up to $126 million Climate Change Adaptation Program is helping Australians to better understand and manage risks linked to the carbon pollution which continues to increase in our atmosphere and to take advantage of potential opportunities.

Through the Climate Change Adaptation Program, the Australian Government has funded a number of projects and assessments to:

  • improve our knowledge of the impacts of climate change
  • strengthen the capacity of decision-makers to respond
  • address major areas of national vulnerability.

Supporting research

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Investment of up to $20 million over four years to establish a Research Facility based at Griffith University in Queensland.

The Facility brings together national expertise to help Australia, our industries and communities adjust to the impacts of climate change.

Grants programs for local councils and professionals

Local Adaptation Pathways Program

Provided around $2 million in funding to help local government build their capacity to respond to the likely impacts of climate change.

Integrated Assessment of Human Settlements sub-program

Five projects have been funded to to help build the capacity of local governments to identify climate change challenges and develop responses.

Climate Change Adaptation Skills for Professionals Program an investment of almost $2 million to fund tertiary education, training institutions and professional associations to revise or develop professional development and accreditation programs for architects, planners, engineers and natural resource managers.

Major national vulnerability assessments

National Coastal Risk Assessment

Helps to better understand how climate change may impact our coastal communities.

Biodiversity Vulnerability Assessment

An assessment of the vulnerability of Australia’s biodiversity to climate change was commissioned by the Australian Government to help increase our understanding of how to help Australia’s rich biodiversity adapt to climate change.

Implications of climate change for Australia's World Heritage properties

The Australian Government commissioned the Australian National University to assess the exposure, potential impacts and adaptive capacity of our World Heritage properties to climate change and to identify major knowledge gaps.

Interactions between Climate Change, Fire Regimes and Biodiversity in Australia

The Australian Government commissioned CSIRO to assess the possible future impacts of climate change on the frequency and intensity of fire in Australia, and the consequences of such change for Australia’s biodiversity.

Implications of climate change for Australia's National Reserve System

A report which investigates the possible future impacts of climate change on Australia's system of formally protected conservation areas, the National Reserve System, and the consequences of these impacts for the development and management of the reserve system.