East Timor Climate Change Science Program

The East Timor Climate Change Science Program ($1.075 million, 2011-2013) aims to support the understanding, dissemination and use of climate change science by the people of East Timor.

Activities under the program will significantly leverage off previous science work that occurred in East Timor under the Pacific Climate Change Science Program. Activities include:

  • Undertaking new research to improve seasonal predictions of sea level anomalies, extreme ocean temperatures and associated coral bleaching in East Timor.
  • Further development of the CliDE system for management of climate data, and enhancement of web tools for analysing historical climate data and future climate projections.  Training in CliDE and the web tools will be provided for officers in the East Timorese National Meteorological Service and other decision makers.
  • A package of climate change science training materials including fact sheets, posters and basic presentations will be developed in both in English and Tetum.

The East Timor Climate Change Science Program is being implemented in parallel with the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning program.