Greenhouse Friendly

The Greenhouse Friendly™ initiative operated from 2001 to 30 June 2010. The National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS ) replaced the Greenhouse Friendly initiative from 1 July 2010.

Through Greenhouse Friendly™, Australian businesses were able to market carbon neutral products and services, deliver greenhouse gas abatement and give Australian consumers greater purchasing choice.

All Greenhouse Friendly™ product and service providers’ offsets were sourced from Greenhouse Friendly™ approved abatement activities only. These abatement activities offered permanent, independently verified carbon offsets which represented emissions reductions or sequestration which had contributed to a net reduction of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Friendly™ provided an effective and successful avenue for participation in the voluntary carbon market in Australia.

I hold Greenhouse Friendly™ abatement, can it still be sold or retired?

Abatement generated by Greenhouse Friendly™ accredited projects prior to 1 July 2010 may still be sold, purchased, and retired in voluntary and international carbon markets.

Please note that all sales or retirements of Greenhouse Friendly™ abatement will still need to be communicated to the Department of the Environment.

Sales and cancellations should be emailed to

View the list of Greenhouse Friendly abatement providers that may have Greenhouse Friendly™ credits available for trading.

The Government will cancel Kyoto units for Greenhouse Friendly credits issued and cancelled during the Kyoto commitment period, that is, by 1 July 2013. Greenhouse Friendly units issued and cancelled during the Kyoto commitment period are eligible offsets under the National Carbon Offset Standard  (NCOS), and can be cancelled for the purpose of becoming carbon neutral under the NCOS. Greenhouse Friendly credits cancelled after 1 July 2013 are not eligible for use under the NCOS.

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