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posted 23 April 2015

First auction results

The Clean Energy Regulator has awarded contracts to the value of $660 million following the first Emissions Reduction Fund auction. The successful contractors have committed to deliver over 47 million tonnes of abatement, with an average price of $13.95 per tonne of abatement.

The 107 carbon abatement contracts were awarded to 43 contractors covering 144 projects. The majority applied under sequestration methods and landfill and alternative waste treatment methods.

For an overview see the auction results fact sheet and for more information visit the Clean Energy Regulator’s auction results page.

posted 26 March 2015

New methods available

Since the March edition, five Emissions Reduction Fund methods were made providing additional opportunities for energy efficiency, wastewater, savanna burning and avoided deforestation projects.

  • The Avoided deforestation method estimates emissions reductions achieved by not clearing land that would otherwise have been cleared.
  • The Aggregated small energy users method reduces emissions created from energy consumption by small energy users such as households or small businesses.
  • The Savanna fire management method aims to reduce the incidence and extent of larger, higher intensity, late dry season fires in northern savannas by burning in the early dry season.
  • The Industrial electricity and fuel efficiency method could benefit owners or operators of (usually large-scale) energy intensive equipment.
  • The Wastewater method could benefit operators of facilities which treat domestic, commercial or industrial wastewater using a deep open anaerobic lagoon.

Applications or variations for emissions reduction projects using these methods can be made to the Clean Energy Regulator.

For more information, please call 1300 553 542 or email enquiries@cleanenergyregulator.gov.au

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