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Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act

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Invitation to comment on proposed decision and conditions for the pulp mill proposal in Tasmania's Tamar Valley

EPBC 2007/3385

The public comment period established by The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Malcolm Turnbull on the proposed decision and conditions (PDF - 304 KB) recommended to him by the Department of the Environment and Water Resources relating to the pulp mill project in Tasmania's Tamar Valley (EPBC 2007/3385) has now closed.

What will happen to my comment?

All relevant comments received by 31 August 2007 will be taken into account by the Minister when he makes his final decision on this proposal. Your comments will be carefully considered by the Minister and the Department of Environment and Water Resources. All comments received by midnight or postmarked 31 August 2007 will be considered.

When will a decision on the proposal be made?

The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources will consider the submissions received and advice from the Chief Scientist of Australia. The Minister has made a commitment to publish the Chief Scientist advice. Once all relevant advice is considered the Minister will then make a final decision.

What can I comment on?

It is important to remember that only a small number of the environmental issues associated with the proposed mill come under Commonwealth jurisdiction. The Minister is required to consider whether a proposed development will have a significant impact on matters of national environmental significance which, for this proposal, are limited to listed threatened species, migratory species and the Commonwealth marine area (PDF - 301 KB) (ie beyond the 3 nautical mile state limit).

While all comments will be received and noted, comments would be most helpful to the Minister if they focus on the specific issues which are the subject of EPBC Act matters above and the proposed decision and conditions (PDF - 304 KB).

Will my comments be made publicly available or given to the proponent?


All personal information will be kept confidential by the Commonwealth unless submitters request otherwise.

How will I know you have received my comment?

All emails will receive an electronic acknowledgement via return email.

All letters will receive a letter acknowledging receipt from the Department of the Environment and Water Resources.

Will late submissions be considered?

Only comments received or post marked 31 August 2007 will be taken into account.

Will there be another opportunity for public comment?

This is the third and final invitation under the EPBC Act for anyone to comment on the proposal. All comments will be acknowledged and fully considered in the decision-making process. However, comments will not be debated by the Commonwealth nor responded to other than in the analysis and documentation that will be released in conjunction with the final decision.

How was this proposed decision developed?

The Department of Environment and Water Resources has recommended the proposed decision and conditions (PDF - 304 KB). This advice on the proposed decision relates only to matters under Commonwealth jurisdiction. Further information can be found on:

Commonwealth of Australia