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Alpine National Park

A proposal by the Victorian Government to reintroduce cattle to the National Heritage listed Alpine National Park in Victoria has been determined to be clearly unacceptable under national environmental law and will not proceed.

In December 2011, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment submitted a proposal to the Federal Government for assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999 to reintroduce up to 400 cattle to graze in the state's Alpine National Park for up to five months a year for five years.

Nine out of the 10 sites selected by the Victorian Government are partly or entirely located within the Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves, which was included on the National Heritage List in 2008 to identify and protect the wide range of nationally significant natural and cultural values found within it.

For detailed information on the proposal, and statement of reasons for the clearly unacceptable decision made under national environmental law:

For information on the department's recommendations on the proposal:

Appendices to Referral Decision Brief:
  1. Referral Documentation
    1. B.1 The department's Environment Reporting Tool reports on Matters of National Environmental Significance:
      1. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site A (PDF - 59 KB)
      2. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site B (PDF - 56 KB)
      3. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site C (PDF - 58 KB)
      4. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site C1 (PDF - 58 KB)
      5. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site C2 (PDF - 57 KB)
      6. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site C3 (PDF - 55 KB)
      7. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site C4 (PDF - 61 KB)
      8. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site D (PDF - 62 KB)
      9. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site E (PDF - 58 KB)
      10. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site F (a) (PDF - 59 KB)
      11. EPBC Act Protected Matters Report Site F (b) (PDF - 56 KB)
    2. B.2 DEWHA (2009) EPBC Act Policy Statement 1.1 Significant Impact Guidelines: Matters of National Environmental Significance, Canberra.
    3. B.3  Commonwealth of Australia Gazette Special Inclusion of a Place in the National Heritage List, No. S237 (Commonwealth of Australia, 2008) (PDF - 887 KB).
    4. B.4  Wahren, C-H. A., Papst, W.A., Williams, R.J. (1994) Long-term vegetation change in relation to cattle grazing in subalpine grassland and heathland on the Bogong High Plains: an analysis of vegetation records from 1945 to 1994. Australian Journal of Botany, 42, 607-639 (PDF 1.9 MB).
    5. B.5  Groves, R.H (1998) Grazing in the Victorian High Country: an assessment of the scientific adequacy of grazing studies in the Victorian High Country 1945-1998, with some recommendations for future research. CSIRO, Canberra (PDF 2.18 MB).
    6. B.6  Alpine Grazing Taskforce (2005) Report of the Investigation into the future of cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park. Published by the Victorian Government (PDF 536 KB).
  2.  Supporting advice Heritage and Wildlife Division (PDF 18 KB).
    1. Attachment A Statements of Unacceptability of Alpine Grazing (PDF - 155 KB) |  (Word - 37 KB)
  3. Decision notice.
  4.  Letter to the person taking the action (PDF 1.9 KB).
  5. Statement of Reasons.

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